19. 9. 2012

HFMD - nemoc ruce,nohy, ústa

HFMD - Hand, foot and mouth disease

My daughter, 3years old, was diagnosed HFMD in August 2012. She had only white spots in her throat that very hurt. After one week she got well, she did not get anything on her hands and feet.

My son, 5years old, got fever, his throat was swollen and red. I run to the doctor with him, he diagnosed Scarlet fever and gave him penicillin in injection.

We went to our pediatrician second day and she said basically the same. My son started having red spots on his feet. She said he had probably scarlet fewer and MHFD together. She continuated with applicaton of penicilin for another 5 days as his throat was getting better very slowly. He got red spots on his hands and spots on his feets were changing to blisters. His hands and feet were itching very badly. We were trying to calm it down with some antihistaminic, it helped a bit. His blisters were getting very big, some of them were almost one inch big. It hurt him a lot - making it hard to hold anything, painful to walk...
Fever got down in about 2 days.
In a week after discavering his red throat he got better, his blood tests went well, urine tests as well and the doctor tested for strep, and it was negative.

Second week
My son was at his grandmother for the whole week.  He didnt get probably the rest as he would need. He  was not propably well at all as his cousin got fever with white blisters in her throat.

Third week
I went to the pediatrician again, she could not understand what was going on. He got fever again! And as his blisters started peeling off and I thought he got over it I even found some new blisters again!
My son had to rest for the whole week and he was getting slowly better again. His blisters must have had to be very deep. As there were peeling off I found other 3 layers of skin underneath!
We were moisturising his feet. I could still find some small blisters with fluid in it!

Fourth week
I stayed home with him till the middle of the week, he looked healthy and he was full of energy again. I allowed thim to attand nursery garden for the last two days of the week.

Fifth week 17/9/12
I found white spots on his fingernails, one nail was even cracked at the base of the nail bed. We keep plasters on his fingernails to avoid injury.

I hope he will get well again soon..

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  1. Did you ever find out what this was? My daughter has the exact same spots that turn to blisters, then peel but still have blisters underneath. We have been to two dermatologists and they don't know what it is.

    1. Hi Morgan, I still think it was the hand,mouth and food disease. As I mentioned my son had 3 layers of skins as I peeled off one, there was another blister and again another.. I kept trimming the peeled skin. It was getting back to normal very slowly! He got completely new skin.
      And fifth and sixth weeks after first symptom nine of ten fingernails cracked and the old fingernails were peeling off and new ones were slowly growing from the begining.

      So this disease was holding us for 3 months.

      Wish your daugther quick recovery.